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Live Agent

The Adroit live agent chatbot is a customer support representative who interacts with customers in real time, typically through a chat. Our live agent chatbots are trained to manage client enquiries and offer support. and resolving problems promptly and efficiently.

Proactive Messaging

Our aim of proactive messaging is to keep customers informed and provide a positive customer experience by being transparent and taking ownership of potential issues before they arise.

Design in Chats

The Adroit chatbot provides a "Design in Chats" feature in the dashboard to improve user experience by presenting information in a chat interface. In this feature we offer font selection, colour scheme, graphics and animation usage, as well as the overall layout and appearance of the chat interface.


There are several platforms that you can integrate with The Adroit chatbot, depending on your specific needs and requirements. Our chatbot can be integrated with some popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. Along with our chatbot we also offer CRM integration, payment integration, and Zippier integration.

Live Dashboard

The Adroit live Dashboard help you to monitor the performance of a chatbot in real-time. This includes metrics such as response time, user engagement, and number of active users. Through this feature you can monitor Website Traffic, Social Media Analytics, Sales Performance Tracking, & Network Performance Monitoring.

Product Inventory

The Adroit chatbot provides a Product Inventory feature. Through this feature you make product flow in that flow you can add product name, product img, price, colour, title, description & more. Overall, the product inventory feature in a chatbot can help businesses provide a better customer experience.

Customize responses

While customized the chatbot, it's possible to run into consumers who ask the same question repeatedly. In these circumstances, you can set the chatbot's answer using keywords. In this way, regardless of how frequently the user asks a question, the chatbot will be able to respond to it consistently.

Logical Jump

The Adroit chatbot Logical jumps can also be used to ask follow-up questions to clarify the user's intent or gather more information. For instance, if a user asks "What type of services does a digital agency provide?" The chatbot can use logical jumps to identify the specific services and then ask "Which services are you asking about?". Overall, the use of logical jumps allows chatbots to better understand and respond to user inputs, providing a more personalized and efficient experience.

Google Calendar

The Adroit chatbot provides google calendar feature with this feature you can book appointments, schedule meetings and more, in the chatbot flow itself, rather than using any other platform.

Bot That Caters To Your Needs

Equally advantageous for shoestring startups to MNCs.

Grows with your business scales with your needs.

For tech novices to experts

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Some Questions You Might Have

A Chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation by text or voice communication. They are designed to assist and engage with web users or visitors through such interactions.  

A chatbot can provide information, answer questions, and perform certain tasks. Chatbots are typically integrated into websites and web apps as a way for customers to interact with the business.

The Chatbot engages with customers by providing them with instant and automated responses to their queries, and by facilitating other such interactions.

For example, by using Chatbots, companies can offer 24/7 customer support, and enhance the overall customer experience. However, the ways in which a potent Chatbot platform such as The Adroit's can help you develop task-specific or process-specific Chatbots, are innumerate.

Just some of the most common ways that the Chatbot can engage productively with your valued customers may include:

  1. Answering FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  2. Assisting with product or service-related queries
  3. Processing transactions and bookings
  4. Providing personalized recommendations
  5. Gathering customer feedback

The Chatbot software can answer questions quickly, accurately, and programmatically. This helps improve the customer experience. Therefore, a Chatbot can be used for Customer Service, Marketing, Sales and many other vital business or eCommerce functions. 

A Chatbot can also provide valuable insights by collecting data from conversations with customers. Its features also include information lookup, task management, personalization, and more. This can be used to further optimize customer experience.

By using Chatbot, businesses are able to automate some of their interactions with customers and provide an engaging experience without having to dedicate more resources or personnel. 

This makes the Chatbot technology an invaluable asset for your business–whether a large corporation or small-medium enterprise–when you are looking to streamline your customer service operations, while providing a personalized touch.

Chatbots are playing an important role in online sales development initiatives. Data shows that nearly half of the Chatbot deployments are in the service of Sales-focussed initiatives.

Your Chatbot can help increase Sales by targeting three core sales drivers–lead capturing, prospect guidance, and having human-like information-rich conversations. Chatbots can welcome visitors as soon as they land on your website, begin interacting with the relevant message structure you have built up, and even gather leads

Creating a chatbot may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. It depends on the particular use-case that you are assigning this Chatbot to, and the length and complexity of the flow that you create for it.

While you can certainly develop (without coding, mind you) a simple lead-generation flow within a couple of hours, using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface; it may take a little longer to model and train a Chatbot that responds to customer queries regarding the particulars of your product or service, and be able to take them through a soft-pitch cycle thereafter.

The Adroit Chatbot's key features include: 

  • Live Agent pass-through and/or back-end interaction panel.
  • Proactive Messaging
  • Design in Chats
  • 360-degree Integrations 
  • Live Dashboard
  • Drag and Drop Feature interface 



Creating your own Chatbot is easier than ever, with The Adroit Chatbot Builder Platform. You can readily upgrade your Customer Experience within no time, following a less than 10 simple steps :

  1. Select the Chatbot type that best suits your business use case
  2. Identify the KPIs for your Chatbot
  3. Map the user requirements to the Chatbot instance 
  4. Build your Chatbot's personality by setting the tone of the responses 
  5. Create a Chatbot conversation flow
  6. Assign a unique logo to your Chatbot
  7. Preview and Test your Chatbot
  8. Deploy the Chatbot on your website or portal, by adding a auto-generated code-snippet
  9. Voila! The Chatbot is Live, and at your service.

Lead Generation: A lead generation chatbot is a bot (AI NLP bot or rule-based bot)  that is created to find potential consumers, pique their interest in the goods or services provided by the company, and/or develop a relationship with the prospect. These artificial intelligence (AI) programmers gather client data, provide information about businesses or products, and engage customers in conversational marketing.

Customer Engagement: Chatbots also use AI technologies to deliver a more individualized experience. They can accept the user's questions and provide the answers based on earlier interactions with your website.

E-commerce: e-commerce chatbots communicate with website visitors in real time. They answer queries, make product recommendations, collect feedback, and monitor interaction.

Financial Service: Finance chatbots are utilized by the financial service industry. They interact with clients providing 24/7 support 365 days a year.  They can respond to frequently asked questions

Real Estate: A fully automated piece of software called a real estate chatbot that converses with potential clients as part of your online lead-generation campaigns.

Education: In the education industry chatbots help you in admission processes and are also used to collect student's information

Restaurants: In the restaurant line chatbot is very useful for restaurants first through the chatbot people do tabel booking, if you order something you can track the order.

Travel: The travel chatbot assists customers in searching for flights and accommodations, offers affordable travel options, and introduces packages and promotions depending on patrons' travel habits.

It depends on how you'd like to manage any of your Chatbots.

Some of our clients keep them active all the  time, while some prefer to align the availability with their operating hours. This is sometimes a decision dependent on the specific use-case of a Chatbot instance, as well.

Chatbot availability may also at times be a function of their integrations being live.

Yes, The Adroit Chatbots carry out tailored tasks, specific to your business needs, and  seamlessly integrate with your tech stack.

The Adroit Chatbot software platform also makes it a breeze to integrate not only with your own back-end but also with most of the top third-party service platforms–be they then be over social media or API endpoints, etc.


While the real complication of the task will be determined by the complexity that it structurally addresses, it can certainly be said that at the very least, it is less complex than it ought to be.

We have painstakingly designed The Adroit Chatbot platform with the objective to make it convenient for the least-tech savvy to use it, while providing full-firepower for the experienced user. 

Why don't we get in touch, so that you may obtain a demo, and see for yourself!

Integrating The Adroit Chatbot into any website is as easy as stealing candy from a baby. (Although we do not advocate stealing from babies, we do not recommend feeding them candy either.)

On a serious note: Once you have designed and trained your chat-flow, a little code snippet is auto-generated, which needs to be included in the webpages that you'd like to run your Adroit Chatbot on. That's it!

If you'd want to see how this works in a giffy, let's get in touch and give you a demo.

Yes, The Adroit Chatbot demo is provided to our valued prospective customers.

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